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Joel Andersson is a Hohner Affiliated Customizer and has the attention of the world’s premier harmonica players, inventors, and innovators. By their testimony, his custom diatonic harmonicas and original Sjoeberg Combs are top quality and increase the player’s authority over the instrument, regardless of playing style or experience. His precision in custom reed and slot work is also evident in his fine Sjoeberg Combs and Artisanal Cases, which are hand and machine manufactured in his workshop in Höör, Sweden.

Rick Epping


"I can honestly say I've never played a harmonica more powerful nor seen one constructed with better precision and cleanliness as found in Joel's work. Highly recommended!"

Brendan Power


"To my mind Joel is the best of the new generation harmonica customisers."

Dick Sjoeberg


"My superlatives are not enough for how impressed I am by Joel Andersson’s work and sense of detail. To my opinion, he's one of the best, if not THE best customizer in the whole world."

Filip Jers


"Do you like music and especially harmonicas? Then you have to try Joel Andersson's amazing

instruments. Joel's knowledge and curiosity of the instrument's mechanical function is something special."


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