Steve Baker -


" If you're looking for a high-end custom harmonica, Joel Andersson's are among the very best in the world,

elegantly crafted Hohner instruments optimized for a variety of different styles from blues to overblow. His

workmanship is exquisite and the attention to detail most impressive. These instruments play great and look



Rick Epping


" I can honestly say I've never played a harmonica more powerful nor seen one constructed with better

precision and cleanliness as found in Joel's work. Highly recommended!"


Brendan Power -


" I know from personal experience that Joel's custom work is top class, as I've played his harps and got him

to do embossing and reed work on the early harps. He's smart, articulate, knowledgeable,

and everything he does is meticulous and well finished. To my mind Joel is the best of the new generation

harmonica customisers, so advanced at such a young age."


Filip Jers -


" Do you like music and especially harmonicas? Then you have to try Joel Andersson's amazing

instruments. Joel's knowledge and curiosity of the instrument's mechanical function is something special.

I agree with Brendan Power - Joel is the best of the new generation harmonica customizers!"


Dick Sjoeberg -


"I got to know Joel when he was 15 years old. Since then we have spent countless of hours talking about the

secrets of customizing. Ten years later, Joel has reached the master level. Incredibly talented, skilled, creative,

and mechanical. He has progressed to become a masterful harmonica builder and developer. My superlatives

is not enough of how impressed I am by Joel Andersson’s work and sense of detail. Everything from comb

manufacturing to tuning and reed work. In my opinion, he's one of the best, if not THE best customizer in the

whole world."


Mikael Bäckman -


" I always thought that you had to make a choice: either a harp well set up for overblows or a harp you can

play blues on, with the heavy tongueslap techniques that come with that genre. Until I played a

J.A. Custom Harmonica. Joel's harps give me the best of two worlds. I no longer have the need to bring

two different setups to the studio and my gigs. I love 'em!"


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