Care & Maintenance


Your harmonica will last much longer if you follow these simple guidelines.


- Never use your harmonica with any foreign substances in the mouth. The substance will get stuck in your

harmonica and put it out of tune. In the worst case, the reeds will stick and won't sound at all. Brush your teeth

and rinse your mouth with water before you play.


- Keep your harmonica in room temperature. Playing a cold harmonica will shorten the life of it's reeds.


- Always store your harmonica in its box or in a suitable harmonica case.


- Avoid taking your harmonica apart. There are many delicate mechanisms in there.


- Never drop your harmonica. Of course, this guideline applies to any great instrument. You shouldn't drop a

fiddle or a grand piano either. If you drop your harmonica, the reeds might change their position, and the

harmonica will be unplayable.



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