Chromonica 270 Advanced

The J.A. Custom Chromonica 270 Advanced has excellent response and tone. Out-of-the-box chromatics are well known to have response issues on hole 10, 11, and 12, but on the advanced model all holes and reeds are fully playable with equal response.The slide and mouthpiece is upgraded to a 3 part mechanism, which gives the player much better response and dynamics. The harmonica is assembled with screws instead of nails for easier maintenance.



Reed Plate

- Precision gapping


- Reed curvature set up using unique technique


- Flat-sanded comb


- Re-Profiled Reeds


- Tuning marks removed


- Fully Embossed


- Ultimate Reed Curvature


- Optimised Valves



Slide Mechanism

The slide and mouthpiece is upgraded to a 3 part mechanism.


The harmonica is tuned to equal temperament, 442Hz.


- Half valving - FREE


- Alternative tunings - FREE


7000:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT



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