High End Marine Band Advanced

The J.A. Custom Marine Band Advanced Harmonica has unique features, including its own serial number. The harmonica features expert reed work, including a distinct embossing method, for a great blues harmonica with a loud and crisp sound. Players will enjoy effortless bends, easy and stable overblows on holes 4, 5, and 6, and an easy and stable overdraw on hole 7.

Reed work

Click here to read about the Advanced reed work.


Marine Band Advanced is fitted with the original Sjoeberg Comb.


- Double reed plates (for tremendous volume) - 1000:- Swedish Kronor

- Alternative tunings

- Different comb colours - FREE

- Leather case - 350:- Swedish Kronor


The price within the EU is:

2200:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT

Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay:

1760:- Swedish Kronor

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