OctaHarp Master

The J.A. Custom OctaHarp Basic Harmonica has unique features, including its own serial number. The harmonica features expert reed work for a loud & warm sound. The OctaHarp is designed by Brendan Power and it is unique because it combines two diatonic harps an octave apart to make one compact instrument with the big double-reed octave sound.


Reed Plate

Expert reed work giving a loud and warm sound.


- Expert embossing


- Re-profiled reeds for a smooth and

dynamic playability throughout the

whole harmonica


- Ultimate reed curvature


- Flat draw reed plate (lapped on a lapping disk in 6

different stages)


- Rounded and polished corners


Front piece

The front piece is designed and 3D printed by Brendan Power.

We sand & polish it to a mirror like finish so that it is smooth and soft against your tongue & lips.


You can get your OctaHarp in any tuning you like. Most common tunings for Irish music is Easy Third, Paddy Richter, Solo and Richter. Check out the page called "Tunings" for more info. We tune your OctaHarp to 442hz equal temperament, that sounds best if you play with other melody instruments. However, we can accommodate your preference for an alternate temperament.




- Alternative tunings - FREE




The price within the EU is:

5000:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT


Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay:

4000:- Swedish Kronor



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