CX-12 Advanced

With its sleek good looks and the elegant simplicity of its construction, the CX12 Black turned a lot of heads when it was introduced in 1992. The J.A. Custom CX-12 Advanced has great response and tone.



CX-12 Jazz Advanced

The CX12 Jazz boasts a narrower mouthpiece radius, which makes it even more comfortable to play and facilitates single reed note bending for greater expression, allowing you to break with chromatic convention and redefine your creative possibilities.The J.A. Custom CX-12 Advanced has great response and tone.



Reed Plate

- Precision gapping


- Reed curvature set up using unique techniques


- Flat-sanded comb


- Partly Embossed


- Ultimate Reed Curvature


- Optimised Valves



Slide Mechanism

The slide has been modified, checked for defects, and sharp edges have been removed.


The harmonica is tuned to equal temperament, 442Hz.


- Half valving - FREE


- Alternative tunings - FREE


The price within the EU is:

4500:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT


Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay:

3600:- Swedish Kronor



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