The Meisterklasse is Hohners only 14 hole chromatic, with a scale extending downwards to G3, giving it the same tonal range as a violin and making it possible for the player to master classical pieces written for that instrument. Like its diatonic namesake, the Meisterklasse chromatic boasts an anodized aluminium comb and is equipped with specially designed chrome plated brass covers for optimal sound projection. Though originally conceived for classical music, its bright tone and fast, powerful response ensure that it’s also a favorite for pop, rock and jazz.

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- Better response than stock

- More volume than stock

- Well tuned

- Assembled with screws

- Modified slide mechanism


- Great response

- Big volume

- Great tuned

- Assembled with screws

- Modified slide mechanism


- Perfect response

- Tremendous volume

- Tuned to perfection

- Assembled with screws

- New slide mechanism

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