“Reeds” is a duo featuring Joel Andersson on harmonica and Henrik Müller on concertina. They play the lively traditional music that you could hear in a rural pub in Ireland and are the first duo to combine an English-system concertina, playing melody, with the harmonica. And to add to the excitement - they make their own instruments!

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Henrik bought an English-system concertina in 1976, the week after a Chieftains concert had attracted him to Irish music, but after hearing Noel Hill around 1980, he realised that the concertina in Ireland was a different system (diatonic); in spite of that he struggled on learning Irish tunes.

Around 2002, when almost giving up playing, he was inspired to design and build a “different” English-system concertina. More inspiration arrived through the internet, when he discovered Irish concertina players like Tim Collins, Mary MacNamara and Edel Fox.

The concertina was finished in 2006. Satisfied with its easier fingering and the improved way to hold it, he started going to Ireland to play. Even though he tries to avoid the term “concertina maker”, he is presently working on two new instruments.

Joel Andersson got his first harmonica at the age of 2 and began playing professional when he was 13 years old. Joel is regarded as one of the finest Irish music harmonicists in the world. In 2014 he came in third place at the biggest Irish music competition in the world, Fleadh Cheoil na hEiréann. In 2017 he came in second place at the World Harmonica Festival, Trossingen, Germany.

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