J.A. Harmonicas

These are the original Sjoeberg 3D milled MB & GM Custom combs. For you who are not familiar with the Sjoeberg combs, these combs give the harmonica an extra performance boost. They are 3D CNC milled with a very complex design. Aerodynamic formed slots with mirror wise progressive compression ridges that directs the airflow against the reeds. Easier bending, overblowing and a louder & crisper sound. They have a unique system with internal brass tube resonators which are reamed into place to ensure a perfect fit between the wood and the brass tube. The resonators combine the reed plates with each other and enhance the vibrations and overtones created in the harmonica. This is a project that has taken over 10 years to develop. These combs are not mass produced, they are CNC milled after each order with my own mill here in my workshop. To get the best performance with these combs I do recommend that you flat sand the draw reed plate.

- Flat sanded in six different stages on a lapping plate

with tolerances down to 0.001mm


- Internal brass tube resonators


- Aerodynamic formed slots with compression chambers


- Glass like surface that is smooth for your tongue


- Works with reeds that are fastened with screws


- Lasts a lifetime if you treat it well


- Non swelling solid hard material

The combs fit the following models:


Marine Band:

- Classic (After drilling and tapping the reedplates)

- Deluxe

- Crossover

- Thunderbird


Golden Melody



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Marine Band 350 SEK Incl. VAT

Golden Melody 450 SEK Incl. VAT

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