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Marine Band
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Welcome to J.A. Harmonicas

Joel Andersson is a Hohner Affiliated Customizer and has the attention of the world’s premier harmonica players, inventors, and innovators. By their testimony, his custom harmonicas, combs and custom covers are top quality and increase the player’s authority over the instrument, regardless of playing style or experience. His precision in custom reed and slot work is also evident in his fine custom combs, covers and Artisanal Cases, which are hand and machine manufactured in his workshop in Höör, Sweden.

We proudly introduce Premium harmonicas

- The Premium Harmonicas represent our finest work to date -

Tomlin Leckie
Mickey Raphael
Gordon Lee
Jason Ricci
Andy Irvine
James Conway
Marc Breitfelder
Marko Jovanovic
Juan Pau Cumellas
Filip Jers
Rick Epping
Steve Baker
Brendan Power
Dick Sjoeberg
Mikael Bäckman
Louise Hoffsten