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Marine Band
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Welcome to J.A. Harmonicas

Joel Andersson, a renowned Hohner Affiliated Customizer, has earned the admiration of the world's top harmonica players, inventors, and innovators. His instruments are the choice of world-class musicians, from Grammy winners in Hollywood, studio artists in Nashville to chamber orchestras in Hong Kong, and are equally cherished by passionate amateurs. Customers praise the exceptional quality of Joel's custom harmonicas and accessories, which elevate the playing experience for musicians of all skill levels. Known for his precision and artistry, Joel meticulously crafts each harmonica to meet the specific needs of individual players. His work not only enhances performance but also sets a new standard in harmonica customization.

We proudly introduce Premium harmonicas

- The Premium Harmonicas represent our finest work to date -

Tomlin Leckie
Mickey Raphael
Gordon Lee
Jason Ricci
Andy Irvine
James Conway
Marc Breitfelder
Marko Jovanovic
Juan Pau Cumellas
Filip Jers
Rick Epping
Steve Baker
Brendan Power
Dick Sjoeberg
Mikael Bäckman
Louise Hoffsten