Performance combs

The performance custom combs give the harmonica a performance boost. They feature unique aerodynamic formed slots which increases the speed of the airflow, causing easier bending and overblowing. Players describe a louder and crisper sound. The combs can be equipped with a unique internal brass-tube resonator system. The resonators connect the brass element of the top and bottom reed plates and enhance the vibrations and overtones. We do recommend that you flat sand the draw reed plate for best results.

They also feature 3 different chamber widths,

The lower octave have wider and bigger chambers allowing more air to pass through, this increases the volume of the lower octave.
The middle octave have the same chamber width as the previous performance combs.
And the top octave feature narrower and smaller chambers which increases the response and thus making bending easier.
When the comb is mounted in the harmonica, you can’t see or feel the difference in chamber size, as the outer part of the comb has the same size as before.

  • Flat sanded
  • Aerodynamic formed slots
  • Internal brass-tube resonators, option +100 Swedish Kronor 
  • Polished surface that is smooth to the tongue
  • Works with reeds fastened with screws and valved plates
  • Lasts a lifetime if you treat it well
  • 100% waterproof, food grade certified material
  • Available in Red & Black colours


- Classic

- Deluxe

- Crossover

- Thunderbird


450:- Swedish Kronor

Hohner MS

- Marine Band MS

- Pro Harp MS

- Big River MS

- Blues Harp MS

- Meisterklasse MS


450:- Swedish Kronor

Golden Melody

- Golden Melody


450:- Swedish Kronor

Marine Band 365

- Marine Band 365

- Marine Band 365         SBS


450:- Swedish Kronor


- Manji

- Pro Master

- Fabulous

- Olive

- Firebreath

- Hammond

- Pureharp

- Pipe Humming

- Overdrive


450:- Swedish Kronor


- 1847 Classic

- 1847 Noble

- 1847 Silver

- Soloist Pro

- Favorite

- Silver


450:- Swedish Kronor