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66000:- Swedish Kronor

Only reed plates 11000:- Swedish Kronor

Silver Concerto Top of the line

The J.A. Custom Silver Concerto Top of the line has excellent response and tone. It features the most advanced reed work that can be done to a chromatic harmonica, which results in perfect response and tone. Every reed responds to the same light breathing pressure. The new modified slide mechanism gives the harmonica a much better slide action, but it also give the player better response and dynamics. Specially designed solid 925 silver cover plates with sound holes to boost low notes. The comb is crafted from solid 925 sterling silver, which gives a very pure sound.

  • Available in C,D,E,F,G,A,B,Bb & Tenor C
  • Modified 3 part slide mechanism
  • Incredible volume
  • Fully embossed
  • Polished reeds
  • Reeds attached with screws
  • Tuned to perfection