3080:- Swedish Kronor

Special 20 Master

The J.A. Custom Special 20 Master Harmonica has unique features, including its own serial number. The harmonica features expert reed work, including a unique embossing method, polished & re-profiled reeds and much more. Players will enjoy the authority they have over this instrument, which is capable of loud and crispy regular notes, perfect bends, and great overbends. The coverplates and the comb has been reshaped for extra volume and playing comfort.

  • ABS plastic comb
  • Stainless steel & brass screws
  • F down to Low-C, lower keys on request
  • Low F and lower add 300:- Swedish Kronor
  • Polished reeds
  • Perfect bends
  • Perfect overbends
  • Tremendous volume
  • Fully embossed
  • Tuned to perfection
  • Available as SlipSlider add 1000:- Swedish Kronor