2530:- Swedish Kronor

Marine Band Advanced

The J.A. Custom Marine Band Advanced Harmonica has unique features, including its own serial number. The harmonica features expert reed work, including a distinct embossing method, for a great blues harmonica with a loud and crisp sound. Players will enjoy effortless bends, easy and stable overblows on holes 4, 5, and 6, and an easy and stable overdraw on hole 7. For people who are looking for a more mellow sound or who plays a lot with a bullet microphone we highly recommend that you go for the closed Rocket AMP covers. The closed covers directs all the sound straight into the microphone, making the harmonica louder when playing amplified.

  • Thunderbird cover plates or closed Rocket AMP covers
  • Crossover or Thunderbird reed plates
  • Custom performance comb
  • Stainless steel & brass screws
  • High G down to Low Low F
  • Low F and lower add 300:- Swedish Kronor
  • Effortless bends
  • Overblows 4,5,6
  • Overdraw 7
  • Huge volume
  • Partly embossed
  • Very well tuned