New Super 64X Top of the line

The J.A. Custom New Super 64X Top of the line has incredible response and tone. It features the most extensive and advanced reed work possible.  Every reed responds to the same small air pressure and the tuning lasts much longer than on a stock harmonica. The slide and mouthpiece is upgraded to a 2 part mechanism, which gives the player much better response and dynamics. The valves are modified for a much smoother action.

Reed Work

Click here to read about the Top of the line reed work.

Slide Mechanism

The 2 part slide mechanism, gives the harmonica a much better slide action, but it also give the player better response and dynamics.


- Half valving - FREE

- Alternative tunings - 50:- / retuned reed  

- Engraved comb


The price within the EU is:

17600:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT

Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay:

14080:- Swedish Kronor

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