Jason Ricci

"Magic Dick and I use to talk about how we believe energy rubs off on certain things. How an inanimate object could receive positive or negative "charge" from a person who has it, works on it or made it. We believe in that crazy stuff. Joel Andersson's harmonica he made me is just more evidence for truth in that belief. Technically the harmonica plays beyond my expectations, flawless bends, ease, rich tones, overblows are natural and easy like they're meant to be there and you can go right from the overblow back to a regular draw or blow note and back like pushing a button. That's hard to do, rare, it takes TONS of time, expertise, patience and care to do but what's harder is to make someone feel an active connection with something. The J.A. harp I have is one of the most special even sacred items I have ever owned and works on many levels beyond what is measurable" - Jason Ricci -

Mickey Raphael

The Harmonicas that Joel Andersson has built for me far exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail and the magic he breathes into the harmonicas make them a pleasure and a privilege to play.
If you want to treat yourself to a really fine instrument check out J.A. Harmonicas.

Mickey Raphael is mostly known for his work together with Willie Nelson with whom he has toured as part of the family since 1973. But that's not all he has been playing regularly with musicians like Chris Stapleton, Snoop dog, Jerry Lee Lewis, U2 & Johnny Cash just to name a few.

Brendan Power

I know from personal experience that Joel's custom work is top class, as I've played his harps and got him to do embossing and reed work on the early X-reed harps. He's smart, articulate, knowledgeable, and everything he does is meticulous and well finished. To my mind Joel is the best of the new generation harmonica customisers, so advanced at such a young age.

Tomlin Leckie

Joel Andersson’s D-10 harmonica is absolutely magical. I don’t want to play any other harmonicas. My students always ask if Joel’s harmonicas can bend more easily or overblow better than an “out of the box”. The quick answer is yes.

BUT, that's not what is interesting about this harmonica. The D-10 responds from whisper-quiet to screaming-loud volumes across all ten holes. The responsiveness is wonderful and makes you feel like you are holding something alive rather than just an ordinary harmonica. This harmonica has done something very special. It has inspired me to play differently. To play more musically. To be more vocal and expressive.

Joel’s harmonicas are the Patek Philippe of the harmonica world

Filip Jers

Do you like music and especially harmonicas? Then you have to try Joel Andersson's amazing instruments. Joel's knowledge and curiosity of the instrument's mechanical function is something special. I agree with Brendan Power - Joel is the best of the new generation harmonica customizers!

Juan Pau Cumellas

I'm delighted with Joel Andersson's harmonicas. They have a great sound, response as well as a beautiful and careful design. They allow me to express both the strength of a blues and the delicate melody of a ballad. A perfect balance where both bends and overblows respond sweetly while playing. I have many harmonicas, but Joel's are the jewels in the crown. Hear him in full swing on a J.A. Harmonica below

Marko Jovanovic

Joel Anderssons diatonic and chromatic harmonicas are impressive. After years of searching for my instruments, I found them. I couldn’t believe that harmonicas can be improved that much. But oh yes, they can! Joel Andersson customized harmonicas are a whole different level of instruments. Loud, great response and tone quality.

If you’re looking for professional custom work - here you’ve found it! I give them my full recommendation.

Rick Epping

I can honestly say I've never played a harmonica more powerful nor seen one constructed with better precision and cleanliness as found in Joel's work. Highly recommended!"

Louise Hoffsten

The harmonicas that you make are a true pleasure to play, they wake up the desire to play more.

Dick Sjoeberg

I got to know Joel when he was 15 years old. Since then we have spent countless of hours talking about the secrets of customizing. Ten years later, Joel has reached the master level. Incredibly talented, skilled, creative, and mechanical. He has progressed to become a masterful harmonica builder and developer. My superlatives is not enough of how impressed I am by Joel Andersson’s work and sense of detail. Everything from comb manufacturing to tuning and reed work. In my opinion, he's one of the best, if not THE best customizer in the whole world.

Mikael Bäckman

I always thought that you had to make a choice: either a harp well set up for overblows or a harp you can play blues on, with the heavy tongueslap techniques that come with that genre. Until I played a J.A. Custom Harmonica. Joel's harps give me the best of two worlds. I no longer have the need to bring two different setups to the studio and my gigs. I love 'em!

If you are looking for one of the best harmonicas of these days, then your search is over.
Joel is an exceptional harmonica builder. His instruments play excellent and they are very responsive.
The reedwork is very detailed and they are true beauties.
In short, you will have a lot of fun and your music will sound better with these outstanding harmonicas.

Marc Breitfelder

James Conway

The volume, smoothness, and overall playability of Joel’s instrument are just unbelievable! So powerful, easy to play and highly responsive. Makes me play better! Wonderfully in tune and loud for when I play with other instruments in Irish sessions. Thank you, Joel! I’m ordering more now!!

Andy Irvine

I have only just discovered Joel Andersson’s harmonicas & am very excited to have done so! His instruments are everything a harmonica player could wish for, a clean tone, a bright & loud sound and great & easy bends. There are also a lot of different tunings and levels that I had never heard of before and which I intend to try. I can recommend Joel’s harps, very strongly, to anyone who takes playing the harmonica seriously.

Andy Irvine.

Gordon Lee

My pleasure to own harmonicas from J.A. harmonicas!

I was honoured to have a first hand experience in watching Joel customize harmonicas in July 2023. His fine craftsmanship is exceptionally remarkable! The customized harmonica reeds & reed plates are extremely responsive and sensitive to the musician's breath and the bass sounds are especially loud and resonant. Everything is meticulously made. Bravo! Strongly recommended to all harp players out there!

Gordon Lee is widely regarded as one of the foremost harmonicists in the world. Gordon won the championship at the 2017 World Harmonica Festival, the highest level of harmonica competition in the world, held every four years in Germany. He has been invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Muth Concert Hall in Vienna,Esplanade in Singapore, International Harmonica Festival in Seoul and World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen Germany.

Steve Baker

If you're looking for a high-end custom harmonica, Joel Andersson's are among the very best in the world, elegantly crafted Hohner instruments optimized for a variety of different styles from blues to overblow. His workmanship is exquisite and the attention to detail most impressive. These instruments play great and look great!"