Reed work

We offer custom harmonicas with 4 different types of reed work, ranging from basic which is a little bit better than a stock harmonica to Top of the line which feature the most extreme custom work available in the world. We strongly believe that there isn't such a thing as an "overblow harmonica". If the reeds and reedslots are properly set up you automatically get perfect bends, overblows and a big strong sound. A lot of people think that you can't play as hard on an overblow harmonica than on a non overblow harmonica, but that is not true. If you know basic breathing techniques you will be able to play these harmonicas with ease, regardless if you are looking for perfect bends, perfect overblows or just a harmonica with overall great response. The reed work is the same in every model for example Master reed work in a Marine Band is the same as in a Chromonica 270.

Choosing the right reed work

The reeds are the heart of the instrument and they make the biggest difference in terms of response, volume and sound quality. All other parts such as comb, covers etc. only makes a small difference. Choosing the right reed work is essential for your musicianship. We have all struggled with bad harmonicas, and from our own experience we dare to say that a bad instrument makes you a worse musician. Simply, the instrument does not do as you please. However, if you have a good instrument then it is not the instrument that inhibits your music making. Most people choose the Master reed work.

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- Well tuned

- Better bends than stock

- Improved response

- More volume than stock


- Great tuned

- Effortless bends

- Great response

- Huge volume

- Great bends

- Overblow 4,5,6

- Overdraw 7


- Perfect response

- Huge volume

- Great dynamics

- Smooth valve action (chrom.)

- Tuned to perfection

- Perfect bends

- Perfect overblows


- Incredible response

- Incredible volume

- Amazing dynamics

- Smooth valve action (chrom.)

- Tuned to perfection

- Reeds attached with. screws

- Incredible bends

- Incredible overblows