It’s an honour, to have received Nr. 1 of this instrument C-12. This beauty is absolutely top of all chrom’s, just another dimension of playing and sound.

It is really an extraordinary harmonica with a great sound. Since the melody of some very beautiful tunes - such as "A Felicidade" and "My one and only love" go below low C, I am happy to have the concerto type, starting with low G.

I wish you a lot of sucess with this absolutely top-of-the line harmonicas.

One big problem: Once you play this premium harmonica you will not touch any other chrom…

- Peter Knaus -

Joel Andersson’s D-10 harmonica is absolutely magical.

I don’t want to play any other harmonicas. 

The D-10 responds from whisper-quiet to screaming-loud volumes across all ten holes. The responsiveness is wonderful and makes you feel like you are holding something alive rather than just an ordinary harmonica.

This harmonica has done something very special. It has inspired me to play differently. To play more musically. To be more vocal and expressive.

“Joel’s harmonicas are the Patek Philippe of the harmonica world”

- Tomlin Leckie -