With few exceptions, harmonica construction has changed little over the course of the last 100 years. And the CX-12 is one of the exceptions! It features an award-winning design, which eliminates a separate mouthpiece by integrating it into a one piece housing. The comb and reed plate assembly simply slots into the cover and mouthpiece unit and is secured in place by a powerful steel spring at the back.The one piece slide can be removed in one easy motion and the instrument can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without using any tools. This brilliantly simple construction also almost completely eliminates air loss. It has a unique sound and amazing dynamics. The revolutionary design doesn’t just look and sound great, it’s also incredibly service friendly.


With its sleek good looks and the elegant simplicity of its construction, the CX12 Black turned a lot of heads when it was introduced in 1992. It won the German Industry Design Award shortly afterwards, which was definitely a first for a harmonica instrument in modern times.

CX-12 Jazz

At first glance, the striking red-to-gold opalescent finish of the CX12 Jazz is hard to overlook. However, there’s more to this baby than meets the eye. Based on the brilliant and successful design of the CX12 Black, the CX12 Jazz boasts a narrower mouthpiece radius, which makes it even more comfortable to play and facilitates single reed note bending for greater expression, allowing you to break with chromatic convention and redefine your creative possibilities.

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- Better response than stock

- More volume than stock

- Well tuned

- Assembled with screws

- Modified slide mechanism


- Great response

- Great volume

- Great tuned

- Modified slide mechanism


- Perfect response

- Tremendous volume

- Tuned to perfection

- Assembled with screws

- Modified slide mechanism