Like most harmonica players, I started out playing blues after listening to Big Walter Horton and Little Walter. When I heard Rick Epping play the Irish jig “O'Farrell's Welcome To Limerick” on the Hohner XB-40, I was totally blown away by his speed and articulation! Since then I mostly play traditional Irish folk music, which you can listen to on YouTube. Find out more on the Video page.


Any player of Irish folk music on the harmonica tinkers with ornaments, time signatures, and tunings. For me, tinkering quickly turned into more considerable handiwork—years of research, development, and manufacture on my own and with the guidance of industry experts.

  • 1993 - I got my first harmonica at the age of two.

  • 2005 - I started to take lessons from Mikael Bäckman, a world class harmonica player from Piteå and one of the best teachers I know. He continues to give private lessons locally and online. Find out more on the links page.

  • 2006 - I met Dick Sjoeberg from Malmö, Sweden. He and I began a ten-year apprenticeship that would convey the nuances of tone and the specifics of harmonica customization and comb research, development, and manufacture.

  • 2008 - I met Brendan Power, who has been a major influence on my Irish playing style.

  • 2011 - I met Rick Epping, who challenged me to build a top-quality harmonica.

  • 2013 - After Dick Sjoeberg retired, I carried on his legacy with his blessing. I purchased his workshop and the rights to the production of his original Sjoeberg Comb.

  • 2014/2015 - After setting up my workshop, I spent two years refining the production process, including building jig fixtures and programming the CNC machine. And I came in 3rd Place at the Fleadh Cheoil, the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, in the Mouth Organ class.

  • 2017 - I was selected as a Hohner Affiliated Cusomizer, one of the finest customizers in the world who guarantees the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. The same year I also moved my workshop from the north of Sweden to the very south. And in the end of 2017 I came in 2nd Place at the World Harmonica Festival, Trossingen, Germany!

  • 2018 - This year our wait time for custom harmonicas exceeded 12 months. I also recorded my debut album called "The Irish Harmonica". Can be bought in the webshop.

  • 2020 - A lot of new projects going on, and our wait time for custom harmonicas exceeded 21 months.

  • 2021 - More models became available and the webshop got more products. I also recorded a complete Irish Harmonica course together with Harmonica School Berlin

  • 2022 - Mainly focusing on production and the Irish harmonica course became available online:

    The Irish Harmonica online course. Also got interviewed by the amazing Neil Warren who runs the Harmonica Happy Hour.

  • 2023 - Recorded a new album together with singer Colm Doyle and his brother John Doyle called "New Ground". Can be bought in the webshop. Also released my own line of harmonicas called "Premium Harmonicas". This year our wait time for custom harmonicas exceeded 30 months. Keep in mind though that the wait time is always varying.

  • 2024 - New year and new possibilities.