Bass 78 - The big bass

In almost all music, the bass is the bottom line, the anchor that holds the whole thing together. This is just as true for harmonica ensembles as any other line-up. It’s not a simple matter to build a reed instrument that can respond with the speed and volume which group performance demands, especially in the low register down to E2, but our professional Bass harmonicas are made to do just that. They feature a hinged two part construction and each channel contains two reeds, tuned one octave apart, giving a remarkably rich and powerful sound. Here too, the lower reed of each pair is located on the inner rows to ensure balanced microphoning and accentuate the bass. As with the Chord 48, the Bass harmonicas have now been redesigned to optimize volume, handling and maintenance. The mouthpiece is integrated into the new acrylic comb construction for unparalleled airtightness and the full screw together assembly ensures ease of maintenance. The Bass 78 is the larger of our two bass models, with a range of E2 - C5, perfect for the ambitious bass player in any type of harmonica ensemble.

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- Better response than stock

- More volume than stock

- Well tuned


- Great response

- Huge volume

- Tuned Great


- Perfect response

- Tremendous volume

- Tuned to perfection


- Incredible response

- Incredible volume

- Tuned to perfection

- Laser engraved comb

- Reeds attached w. screws