8000:- Swedish Kronor

Beyerdynamic M88

The Beyerdynamic M88, renowned for its exceptional sound quality and robust construction, has been specially modified to meet the unique needs of harmonica players. This customized version is both lighter and shorter, enhancing its versatility and ease of use for musicians.

Harmonicas naturally produce a bright and piercing sound, and many microphones tend to exaggerate these high frequencies, which can be overwhelming. The modified Beyerdynamic M88, however, offers a distinct advantage by emphasizing and amplifying the lower frequencies, providing a fuller, richer sound that complements the harmonica's natural tones.

This microphone's tailored response ensures that the harmonica's warmth and depth are highlighted, creating a more balanced and pleasing audio experience. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, the modified Beyerdynamic M88 is an excellent choice for harmonica players seeking to enhance their sound with clarity and richness.

  • Weight 220g compared to 400g
  • Length 95mm compared to 181mm
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Hypercardioid
  • XLR Connector
  • Made in Germany - Modified in Sweden
  • Microphone frequency response 30 - 20.000 Hz