1650:- Swedish Kronor

  • Play it as a regular richter tuned harmonica
  • ABS plastic comb
  • F down to Low-C, other keys on request
  • Low F and lower add 120:- Swedish Kronor
  • Can also be ordered as a customized harmonica, see Special 20
  • Both cover plates are held together using magnets, which means it is very easy to tune, service and adjust reeds
  • Incorporate the slide moves and play fully chromatic only using bends

SlipSlider - Extra bending harp

The SlipSlider uses a unique concept which lets you play fully chromatic using only bends! It's made in two separate parts, the blow reedplate and comb are fixed, while the draw reedplate can slide left and right. The two halves of the harp are held together with magnets, which hold them in the neutral position for normal play. But when you want the extra bent notes, you just slide the draw reedplate a few millimetres to left or right with a small adjustment of your grip. When you release your grip the drawplate snaps back to the standard home position.

Slide to the right, and you can bend the lower blow notes.

2,5,6 & 7 blow are suddenly bendable. Hole 4,5,6,7 are now tuned to the exact same notes as 7,8,9 & 10 (Only one octave lower), this means you can now play the middle octave in exactly the same way as you normally would play the top octave.

Slide to the left, and now you can bend your high draw notes. 6,7 & 9 draw are now bendable. Hole 6,7,8 & 9 are now tuned to the exact same notes as 3,4,5 & 6 (Only one octave higher), this means you can now play the top octave as you would play hole 3,4,5 & 6.

Just transfer your favourite top octave licks to the middle octave, or take your middle-octave licks to the top octave always with identical bends and breathing patterns.

Have you struggled to get that 1 overblow? No worries, slide to the right and your hole 2 blow will now bend down to the same note as the 1 overblow. 6 overblow? not anymore! Slide to the left and you got the same note as a 6 draw bend OR slide to the left and you can bend down hole 7 blow to the same note as 6 overblow. 7 overdraw? Slide to the left and you got that as a bent note on 7 draw.

Maybe you don't fancy the sound of overblows? No problems, you can play fully chromatic with only bends now!

It is way more simple than it sounds, you can play it as a regular richter tuned harmonica and slowly start to incorporate the extra bends. It's simplicity itself!

You can read more about the history and find some additional info here: SlipSlider