The Hohner Rocket is an updated version of the old and trustworthy Special 20. It features larger holes in the comb and a new pair of cover plates that lets out much more sound than the Special 20. It's available with side vents and also with closed covers, (like the old special 20) this is great when you need to be able to enclose the harp and microphone. That’s what the Rocket AMP covers are designed for. Ergonomic covers with closed sides ensure that all the power and volume of your Rocket are channeled into your microphone – making it the instrument of choice for anyone who wants to amplify their playing on stage.

Available in keys from F# down to Low-C.

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- Better bends than stock

- More volume than stock

- Well tuned

- Rocket, Amp & Low


- Effortless bends

- Overblows 4,5,6

- Overdraw 7

- Huge volume

- Tuned great

- Rocket, Amp, Low


- Perfect bends

- Perfect overblows

- Perfect overdraws

- Tremendous volume

- Tuned to perfection

- Rocket, Amp, Low