Repair work

Joel is one of a few Accredited Hohner Harmonica Service Technicians they are a selected group of harmonica technicians from around the world, who have successfully absolved the training and accreditation course in the Service Department at Hohners factory in Trossingen. They are qualified to conduct all repairs on Hohner harmonicas, using original Hohner parts. You may have complete confidence in the high quality work we conduct on your instruments.

We also repair other instruments such as accordions & concertinas and we also do a bit of woodwork.

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- Cleaning

- Reed replacement

- Tuning

- Screw conversion

- Flat sanding


- Cleaning

- Reed replacing

- Tuning

- Screw conversion

- Flat sanding

- Slide cleaning

- New buffers


- Any other harmonica

- Accordions

- Concertinas

- And more...

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Norrekärrsvägen 10

243 36 Höör


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